Frequently asked questions

How are Click Armor games and simulations created and tailored?

Click Armor allows you to use our “baseline” games as the starting point, which makes it quick and easy to create compelling games and simulations. Baseline or customized games can be configured using our easy-to-use administration dashboard.

We also offer game authoring services to help you plan, design and implement games and simulations to meet your organization’s unique training requirements.

What will my employees learn?

Cyber threats and business security requirements are always changing and Click Armor’s flexibility means content updates and additions are easy. Key issues to cover include:

  • phishing: emails purporting to be from reputable senders

  • social engineering: luring employees to share confidential information

  • incident response: monitoring and detection of security events

  • accidental exposures: errors that expose or compromise secure assets

  • web surfing: exploits vulnerabilities in web browsers

  • password management: creating and storing strong passwords

  • mobile security: malware threats and protection of lost or stolen devices

How are Click Armor games and simulations delivered?

Click Armor games run in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud application environment, providing high reliability and scalability. Web-based Single Sign-On is available for enterprises that want to manage efficiently their employees’ access games and services.

What devices do employees need?

Typically, employees will use any recently released desktop browsers that support the WebGL graphics standard to access the Click Armor environment. No additional desktop software is needed. However, we will shortly support mobile devices, providing universal access.

What about Canadian Data Residency?

Click Armor’s Microsoft Azure environment is available in Canadian data centre instances.

How much does Click Armor cost?

User-based pricing for the Click Armor Cyber “Cyber Shield” package (for employee engagement and management reporting) ranges from $2 to $5 per user per month, depending on the administrative features you require. We also offer configuration services to accelerate your deployment of tailored cybersecurity games, puzzles and simulations.

Can Click Armor provide traditional Computer-Based Training (CBT) programs?

Yes, Click Armor has multiple ways of integrating with traditional CBT or eLearning platforms. The CBT solutions offered by Security Perspectives are a natural complement to the Click Armor game platform. You can start with learning games, puzzles or simulations, and add structured CBT programs that provide more detailed reference information. Or, you can start with a CBT program, and add Click Armor games to improve engagement and reinforce key learning objectives. We also have the ability to send game participation and proficiency data to external systems for higher level reporting and risk management.