Click Armor Cybersecurity Framework

The Click Armor Cybersecurity Framework provides engaging, interactive content, reinforcement of key concepts, and assessment of proficiency to reduce corporate risks from employees mishandling business information and systems.

CLICK ARMOR CAN HELP secure your business

Click Armor’s innovative approach provides the following benefits to your security team:

1.   Overall cost reduction in corporate IT costs achieved through learning platform focussed on Cybersecurity awareness and employee efficient use of highly retained knowledge of company engagement tactics, policies and IT security best practices.

2.    Easy deployment and administration of effective game-based training content through flexible configuration of games and exercises to meet specific learning objectives for staff in different roles, or evolving threat environments.

3.   Improved corporate teamwork, productivity, work quality, culture, morale, competitiveness and attitude toward cybersecurity protection through a more engaging set of learning tools.

Game Content Subject Areas

The following learning areas are covered in the current version of the Click Armor Cyber Security Framework:

1.   Handling phishing threats

2.    Choosing and using passwords securely

Learning Elements

Click Armor Cybersecurity Framework uses different interactive methods to engage, educate and assess employees on their knowledge and proficiency:

1.     Learning games – Learning new concepts shouldn’t be stressful. Simple puzzles and games that allow employees to learn about cybersecurity risks and best practices at their own speed, in a fun and challenging way. Puzzles are a great way to teach terminology, as well as make associations, and distinguish between safe and unsafe practices and situations.

2.     Gamified Exercises – Gamified exercises reinforce knowledge and decision-making capabilities. Employees who have had a chance to learn basic concepts should be challenged in ways that engage and test their knowledge, with positive feedback.

3.     Gamified Assessments – Assessment is important when employees are expected to make good risk decisions while on the job. When formal tracking of participation and proficiency are required for compliance, game-based assessments provide important metrics.

Additional Features:

Click Armor Cybersecurity Framework is built on a platform that is designed for easy customization and bilingual game content delivery.

Leaderboards and other progress graphics show employees how they are doing and encourage them to stay engaged.

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