Motivate Employees To Avoid CyberSecurity
Breaches with Game-Based Learning

A Powerful Workforce Risk Management Tool For Employers

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Click Armor is a configurable, immersive eLearning solution that uses game-based scenarios to help employees learn about phishing, cybersecurity risks and how to protect your business. Protect employees from social engineering risks and motivate them to learn by creating fun and challenging games that are realistic and relevant.


Effective Cybersecurity Awareness Education Tools

Studies show that game-based learning increases comprehension and retention levels by up to 25 per cent over traditional computer-based training. Employers can track learners' progress and analyze proficiency over multiple sessions.


Cut Phishing Risks

Data breaches are headline news around the world, with phishing and social engineering often being identified as the leading causes. Don't let one employee's lapse in judgment cost you millions of dollars or damage your organization's reputation. Our interactive learning games and challenges help employees in learning to identify and handle cyber risks before they result in a catastrophic data breach or other security disaster.


Improved Employee Engagement

Click Armor uses interactive, engaging gamified scenarios to engage employees and helps them learn how to deal with the risks they face in real life. In interactive game environment, players compete for badges and rewards using feedback, incentives and clues. Game credits can be redeemed, even for real world rewards and prizes.


Valuable Learning Insights

Click Armor gives employers a valuable source of rich data to track participation and progress in your cybersecurity awareness program. Detailed reports include analysis of employee proficiency along with reporting on participation and proficiency to show advancement over time and areas for improvement. This gives the organization a better view of risks from employee decisions.



Click Armor is the first-ever eLearning platform to use modular and configurable game-based learning to make cybersecurity awareness and compliance learning activities scalable, fun and effective.


Relevant Tailored Games

Relevance necessary for employees to learn about cybersecurity risks. It makes the concepts easy to understand and eliminates potential for confusion. Our games, puzzles and simulations are very configurable, to reflect your business's own unique culture and risk environment, to address risks such as phishing, password and identity theft, and social engineering. Games can be easily configured to use your organization’s terminology and policies, and to resemble your own cyber risk scenarios. Our platform and games also support multiple languages.


Flexible, Configurable Games

People in your organization have different responsibilities and access to information and systems of various sensitivities. Click Armor allows you to easily configure games, puzzles and simulations that are mandatory for employees in certain roles and optional for others. Open access to games in different subject areas can support cross-training objectives, or simply to allow people to see what security responsibilities and skils are relevant to other roles in the organization.


Measurable Knowledge Transfer

If you think "gamification" is about letting employees "have fun" while learning, you're only partly right. Click Armor aligns games with business objectives and provides an accurate way to evaluate employee comprehension and proficiency, which helps justify the Return on Investment (ROI) for your security awareness program.


Cybersecurity Education Leadership

Click Armor's cybersecurity leadership is headed up by Scott Wright, one of North America's most renowned cybersecurity awareness experts. His success lies in his ability to interpret an organization’s business and technical security requirements, and then create easily understood guidance for employees. Scott now brings this considerable skillset and knowledge to Click Armor's interactive eLearning experience.

Click Armor's operations are led by Stephen Grant, an experienced technology operations executive. A former director of North American employee learning for a major telecommunications firm, former VP of Operations for a major gaming company, and executive at a number of enterprise SaaS start-ups, Stephen leads the development and product management teams at Click Armor.

Click Armor's head of Sales is Ray Fisher. Ray has been a sales professional for many years, first in computer hardware for a major international computer company, then for various semiconductor and intellectual property companies. He has built sales organizations for numerous startups, and is leading Click Armor's efforts to bring cybersecurity solutions to private and public sector businesses globally.


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